Sunday, 29 June 2008

Mothing - 29th June 2008

I put the moth trap out last night. Someone who shall not be named left the waterproof choke housing in the drive way and another person who shall also remain nameless drove over it. Amazingly it still works although it certainly isn't waterproof anymore :-) Being winter I wasn't expecting too much but I managed three moths, two of which are new for my backyard. Interestingly only one was actually in the trap. It was a Tree Lucerne Moth - Uresiphita ornithopteralis like the one I posted on Friday.

Of the two new moths, one was on a nearby wall and the other was on the ground so it certainly pays to look around the area of the light trap. There was a Geometrid moth, Casbia crataea and another which I'm yet to identify. If anyone recognises it please let me know. This afternoon I also found a small Psychid larval case on a silver wattle (Acacia dealbata).

Update: The unidentified moth turned out to be Paralaea porphyrinaria (Guenee, 1857)

Casbia crataea- (female) FW length 20mm

Paralaea porphyrinaria - Forewing length 27mm

Psychid larva on SIlver Wattle


  1. Morning Mosura,

    Re, your 2nd moth - have a look at Don Herbison-Evans' site (link on my sidebar) Geometrids (Ennominae) Fisera sp or Plesanemma sp.

    Don't put your house on it - I might be right out of the ballpark! :-)

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. You're pretty close I'd say. Right subfamily but I think the genus may be Paralaea. Hope to have it sorted soon.

  3. Sorted: It's Paralaea porphyrinaria

  4. Duncan's photographed Paralaea porphyrinaria. I'm yet to see one here. I think it should be in the Wimmera, but I'll wander off to check! :-)

  5. SO he has -
    here and

    Wish I'd seen them yesterday :-)

  6. Looks like I'd better try and get the other un-named ones identified. ;-)

  7. That'll keep you busy for quite a while :-)